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The Hague – March 14, 2011

The Lord God invites us to have personal contact with Him daily: My heart says this about You, “You are to seek My face.” Lord, I will seek Your face.
Psalm 27:8

A booklet with eight Bible study lessons was prepared for the house groups of the Bethlehem church in The Hague, The Netherlands in 2009. Each of these lessons was used during the eight evenings in which the house groups met during the church year 2009 – 2010. The lessons were found to be very constructive and were met with much enthusiasm. As a result, an international English translation was written, enabling international readers to use this valuable guide as a tool during their house groups.

The book is intended to help people develop a living relationship with God through prayer. This goal can be achieved with fellow Christians in the context of so-called house groups: regular meetings in which Bible study, discussion, prayer and praise have the primary focus. The book can be used by anyone who is interested in developing a rich, deep relationship with God. It is written in basic English, making the lessons easy to understand. The course book is provided free of charge and can be downloaded as a PDF from the link below.

The eight themes of the lessons are: It is great to have a living relationship with God! Praying gives joy and peace / God always answers prayer / The accomplished work of Christ forms the basis to approach God with confidence / Praise / Praying for fellow believers, for the growth in the church and spreading the gospel / Praying for people with different beliefs and praying for our country and government / Going to God with your sorrow / The best moment for quiet time.

Also included are various pieces of advice on how to apply prayer consistently in your life. Each chapter has many Scriptural passages upon which the lessons are based. Each lesson is structured in the following way: A general introduction to the theme; The topic from a biblical perspective; Specific Bible passages plus questions for initiating meaningful and constructive discussion; Further Bible passages that reflect on the theme in more depth and finally: Various suggestions on songs related to the particular lesson.

Pastor Dr. P.J. Visser wrote this recommendation: ''For two years I have been using this course book, in the church in The Hague and in Amsterdam. The Biblical and personal approach has led to good and honest conversations. Many people told me that they have learned new things that they did not previously know, and that their prayer life was reenergized. It was an enriching experience!"

Please pass on this information to any one who might benefit from this new course book.

For full contact information and a free download of the course book, see: http://www.bethlehemkerk-denhaag.nl/html2/texts/showText.php?textname=coursebook2009
Dear interested readers,

Click here to download the latest version (v1) of the course book about "A living relationship with God!”. Please don't pass on the PDF to others, but instead, pass on a link to this page. Before you start using the course book, please check this page to see whether you have the latest version.

For any feedback, question, comment or suggestion send a mail to coursebook2009@bethlehemkerk-denhaag.nl. If you like the course book, please let us know.

We pray that this course book may be a Blessing to many in their personal relationship with God,

Click here for the original Dutch version / Klik hier voor de originele Nederlandse versie

The authors and translators.
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